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The staff of The P.A.S.S Program are proud to announce the return of our sport specific strength program to begin May 30, 2023. In our continued effort to work with Arizona Sports Complex, we will be opening our strength training program at their facility. This will be to provide a specific strength training program that will work in conjunction with our speed and agility regimen. The focus of this program will be to provide our athletes the specific training needed to be more competitive as well as athletic in their sport. Over twenty-five years of modifying and sharpening specific exercises will go into this program so that our athletes get the most benefit out of the program and their time.  

Three main areas will be addressed to give our athletes the advantage they need on the field. Upper body, lower body, plyometric/explosive activities, as well as combing a strong emphasis on core/abdominal strength. The program will be tailored for each athlete’s chronological and sport age.  Activities in all three functional planes will be stressed so that strength and athletic success can be achieved for your sport. Special attention will paid towards instruction in proper technique and supervision will be key to the program. No athlete will ever be left to train independently without the supervision and instruction of one of our P.A.S.S staff members.

Positive encouragement and advancement of the activities over an 8 week period will be stressed. Nutritional advisement will also be a part of the program to ensure proper muscle development and recovery. Athletes will be encouraged to attend at least three days per week to maximize their gains in combination with additional speed/agility training days as well. This will enable the athlete to build strength as well as speed and agility.

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